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Why use Roadhogs?

Why Use Roadhogs Recruitment?

At Roadhogs Recruitment, we have been working with pig producers, managers and pig stockpeople since 1990. We are the only recruiter in the UK to specialise in pig farming and offer a personal, free service to find individuals jobs on pig farms all over Britain, Ireland and Australia. Here are just a few good reasons…

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Life Beyond the Military – Securing Careers in Pig Farming

careers in pig farming

HighGround is a charity that helps service leavers and veterans find jobs after their careers in the military end. They offer careers and vocational opportunities in the land-based sector. We had the pleasure of working with them and one of their members to help him secure a job in the Pig Industry.  Here’s Will Lamb’s…

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Lincolnshire Apprenticeship Scheme


We are pleased to be partnering with a leading pig production company in Lincolnshire to promote and source applicants for their Pig Farm Apprenticeship Scheme. The pig enterprise is Red Tractor and IPPC accredited and applicants can gain practical knowledge across modern pig farms in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire. The pig farm apprenticeship scheme will…

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Are You Looking to Get Into the Pig Farming Industry?

Are you leaving college or uni this year?Are you looking for your first step on the agricultural career ladder?Have you ever thought about a career in the Pig Industry? Roadhogs Recruitment can help you! We can open the door that leads to a fulfilling career in the Pig Industry. We have contacts for pig producers…

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Helpful Advice on Employment Contracts

employment contract

According to the GOV website, “All employees have an employment contract with their employer.”  A contract is an agreement that sets out an employee’s: employment conditions rights responsibilities duties Employees and employers must stick to a contract until it ends by an employer or employee giving notice or an employee being dismissed.  Please Note! An employment…

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Have you thought about a career with Roadhogs?

Outdoor British Pigs

As part of our business, we employ stock people of various abilities to work on pig units and provide cover on pig farms. These opportunities are full-time permanent positions. We have several avenues to offer: 1)            Providing Temporary cover for which you would need a certain level of pig experience, have the ability to move around the country…

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Roadhogs & AFFG On-Job Training Program

On-Job Training Program with Roadhogs Recruitment & AFFG Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd. is pleased to announce a new partnership with a leading pig production company – AFFG, to launch an On-Job Training Program for those looking to enter the Pig Industry.  The exciting new venture will see entry-level candidates of all ages, those with or without…

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CV Advice to Career & Industry Changers Looking to Enter the Pig Industry

pig industry jobs in farming

Are you considering making a career change? Are you interested in learning about commercial pig farming? Or are you already working in agriculture but want to move into pigs? Read on! Your CV is hugely important when looking to change agricultural industries or if you are looking at making a total career change. You may…

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Important CV Advice

For over 30 years, we have been helping pig stockmen and women secure jobs on pig farms across the UK and beyond. We have learned that your CV can make the difference between getting an interview or being added to the reject pile. Important CV Advice When applying for any job, you need to make…

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Reasons to join Roadhogs PIG SPECIALIST Team

We’re on the hunt to employ talented new Pig Industry staff for our Pig Specialist team.  So why would you want to do this job? Are you fed up of the daily grind?Want a bit of excitement, variety and an opportunity to challenge yourself?  Joining Roadhogs Relief team is not your average Pig Job! Why?…

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