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Roadhogs Recruitment Pig Jobs

About us

At Roadhogs we have been helping British and international pig farmers to recruit staff since 1990.
We have had the pleasure of sourcing much Permanent Staff of all abilities for our farmers and secured numerous careers for our applicants.
We are the only pig farming recruiters in the UK offering a permanent and temporary Relief Cover service to our farmers.
For our applicants, we offer a free, confidential service with access to new opportunities, career advancement and the opportunity to join our Pig Specialist Relief Cover Team.

We are also pleased to offer on-the-job training programs for entry-level and career changers of all ages looking to enter the Pig Industry, with leading producers.  

Simon Withers – General Manager

Simon has a wealth of experience in the agricultural sector, originally from a mixed farming background. With a 20 year career in an international dairy cooperative as a senior people manager, followed by business development experience with a UK national dairy consultancy business.
Simon is General Manager of Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd with overall responsibility for the business operation.

Simon can be contacted on 0800 999 3655 or [email protected]

Liz Barker – Consultant

For over 17 years, Liz has gained expert knowledge and insights into the Pig Industry, enabling her to manage the recruitment and administration side of Roadhogs.

Liz can be contacted on Freephone 0800 999 3655 or 07912864646 

Clive Searson – Area Manager

For over 40 years Clive Searson has dedicated his professional life to working with pigs.

As an expert in the field, Clive works alongside existing unit teams to highlight possible staffing issues and help promote better working practices on the farm. Not merely content with just consulting, he also likes to get his hands dirty and assists in all aspects of pig farming.

Clive can be called upon to help with one-off or ongoing projects and can assist with planning, breeding programmes, staffing issues as well as covering one-off labour peaks including mass vaccinations, serving days etc.
His ultimate goal is to develop working practises to maximise the efficiency of the unit.
His limits are quite endless and he is happy to chat over all opportunities with no obligation.

Call him on - 07950 448368.

What people say about Roadhogs Recruitment

"The professionalism and friendliness of Liz Barker and Simon Withers from the outset have been outstanding. I will travel to my new home (from South Africa), and hopefully, after my probation period, I will be offered permanent employment. My reason for posting this is to say that should you, friends or family wish to embark on this type of adventure, you will not go amiss by contacting Roadhogs, and I endorse them 100%."
James Riley

"For me, the relief side of it is very handy considering I have my own pigs and compete with them. I can pick and choose when I work and how long I can work for. As long as I am pig clean between my pigs and the clients, it works really well.
There are also fewer worries because everything is sorted, including accommodation. For me, it couldn’t be better being relief pig specialist. 
Liz is always on the end of the phone so if you have any concerns she is there to sort it out." 
Oliver Lightfoot

"I find Liz and her team very organised and professional. I always have work in front of me. I find that Liz and her team care and value their employees and are always on hand to help if there are any problems; professional or personal. I would recommend working for Roadhogs if you want to gain experience in the pig industry with a team that will back you up. The renumeration package is very good and I have been able to save quite a bit."
Mark Laycock

"I am from a foreign country, and working for Roadhogs allows me to have time off. I go back to my country to spend time with my kid, then come back to work. As a Pig Specialist, our expenses (travel, sustenance) are paid for, so I can save quite a lot. Roadhogs always have had a job for me."
Sergiu Turlea

"I joined the Roadhogs Pig Specialist team for the flexibility and ability to use my van to travel around the UK and experience a wealth of different pig farming practices.
I have not looked back.
A very caring, efficient employer and I have to say that Liz and the team do a fantastic job, leaving me proud to be a part of RoadHogs."

Trevor Warren

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