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Roadhogs Recruitment

Temporary Relief Cover

Established in 1990, Roadhogs is the only recruitment agency in the UK specialising in the pig industry.

We employ a skilled and experienced team of Stockpeople from pressure washers to managers and everyone in between!

We have people available at short notice – in some cases, within 24 hours, and cover holidays and other pre-foreseen dates in advance with our pre-booking system.

Our relief service is utilised by breeding companies, colleges and leading producers throughout the UK and our staff can adapt to new units very quickly.

Minimum booking is one week, with no maximum, and we are happy to consider long-term assignments.

Our temporary relief service saves on employers’ costs, and you will not be required to pay Employers NI, workplace pension, holiday pay or SSP. Our terms are very competitive and compare favourably with permanent staffing rates.
We are also holders of a Gang Masters Licence, which protects workers from exploitation.

Relief staff will generally require accommodation, which can range from mobile homes, B&B’s and house shares but if no accommodation is available, we can look at sourcing it locally for a fee. Some of our staff could be local to you and can from home.

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