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Featured Vacancy

Senior Outdoor Pig Stockperson

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for a senior pig stockperson for a 900 sow outdoor breeding unit in Oxfordshire.
This top performing unit is part of a well-established farming business specialising in pig production, operating an RSPCA Assured high welfare pig production system.

The ideal candidate will need to have excellent pig knowledge, self-motivation and drive.
Most importantly, the successful senior pig stockperson will need to have a proven track record of successful people management.
We are specifically looking for someone who can demonstrate:

  • Leaderships qualities
  • Motivational abilities
  • Someone who can identify and nurture team strengths to improve production
  • High animal welfare

The remuneration package will be dependent on the experience, and candidates who can demonstrate the potential to progress to a senior position will be also considered.
Housing is available in Oxfordshire.


Unit Size:


Featured Candidate

Outdoor Pig Stockperson

Candidate is an EU national with extensive experience in commercial pig production.

Her husbandry skills and hard work ethic will be an extremely valuable addition to any progressive unit.
Since 2007, she has worked for one of Portugal’s largest pig producers as a senior pig stock person before being made general manager in charge of all production, husbandry and staff.
Our pig stockperson's spoken English is okay, she has good understanding and feels that she will pick it up very quickly. As a result, will not be seeking a management position at this stage.

She is happy to work anywhere in the UK and Ireland with accommodation.


Location: Anywhere