This week's selection of candidates

Outdoor Pig Stockperson

Ref: 021018
Location: West Midlands
Position: Outdoor Pig Position
Experience: 18 months

Our applicant has been working with outdoor pigs for 18 months now.  Covering serving, farrowing and general sow/piglet care.  Good experience with tractors, tele Handlers, skid steer and quad bike.  Looking for a similar position within the West Midlands area - Depending on the position housing may not be reqruied.  

Outdoor Pig Stockperson

Ref: 8130
Location: Ideally Yorkshire
Position: Trainee Outdoor Pig Stockperson
Experience: Minimal

Sex: -                          Female

Nationality: -              Hungarian

Driving Licence: -     Yes

Car: -                          Yes

Smoker: -                   No

Marital Status:-         Single

Children:-                  None

Position required: -  Trainee Outdoor Pig Stockperson – her degree has provided her with good academic knowledge behind working within Agriculture,  now she is looking to start the practical, hands on side and is very keen to start within the pig industry. 

Area:-  Ideally Yorkshire .  Will require accommodation. 

Education - Sept 2013 to Nov 2017 – Animal Husbandry Engineer BSc – Hungary - Sept 2009 to Jun 2013 – High School Diploma – Hungary.

Work experience has been on a dairy farm, intern at a Zoo, pig farms during the university course and horses.  

Indoor Pig Stockman S1

Ref: S1
Location: Yorkshire YO11 OR YO25
Position: Indoor Pig Stockman
Experience: 3 Years

Our candidate has 3 years Indoor pig experience - he has covered nurseries 7kg to 35kg, service department and fatteners.  Plus vaccinating, teeth and tailing, cleaning, medicating.  Currently doing temporary harvest work - looking for a new opportunity to get back into the Pig Industry.  Single, has a car and driving licence.  He is looking to commute from either YO11 or YO25.  

Pig Stockperson A7

Ref: A7
Location: Commutable PL20
Position: Pig Stockperson
Experience: 1 year Pig Farm

Our candidate is looking for the opportunity to work as a Pig Stockperson on either an Indoor or Outdoor Farm.

His experience so far has been mainly Horticultural, but he has worked for 1 year with pigs and his passion is now to utilise that previous experience and work with pigs again.

He has gained Land Based Horticulture at Level 1 achieving the 'Best Student' award that year and has lots of Voluntary experience.

He describes himself as being a hard worker, a good time-keeper and always willing to learn new skills. 

He is Single, has his own transport and is looking for a position which is commutable from PL20





Pig Stockperson A8

Ref: A8
Location: Commutable from SY16, Shropshire
Position: Pig Stockperson
Experience: Good all round farming, I year Outdoor

Our candidate is looking for an opportunity to work as a Pig Stockperson on either an Indoor or Outdoor Farm. She has good farming experience gained over 4 years i.e. stables, sheep, beef and dairy, including 1 year on an Outdoor Pig Farm - Farrowing, Weaning, Feeding etc. Has gained a Level 3 National Diploma in Animal Management. Describes herself as aTeam Player & Problem Solver who is Trustworthy & Reliable. Keen to gain further knowledge & experience.

She is Single and has a Full Driving Licence and her own Car, looking to work in the Shropshire area or commutable from SY16. 

Senior Pig Position A9

Ref: A9
Location: Commute from NR14
Position: Senior Pig Stockperson
Experience: Over 13 years

Our candidate has over 13 years experience of both Indoor and outdoor experience.  A highly motivated individual with a strong work ethic and a passion for the farming of Pigs. Ability to work as part of a team or equally happy to work alone. Able to demonstrate working to high standards in whatever tasks are undertaken and able to lead a team in order to achieve targets and objectives.  Looking to commute from NR14.  


Ref: A14
Location: Warwickshire
Position: Pig Stockperson
Experience: Livestock & Arable

Our candidate is looking for work as a Pig Stockperson in the Warwickshire area (commutable from CV33 - he has a Full, Clean Driving Licence and owns his own car).

All of his working life has been spent on farms, some Arable but generally with Livestock including Beef/Dairy/Sheep/Hens & Pigs - Farrowing, Weighing & Injecting Piglets, Tail Docking & Ear Tagging. 

He has attained the following qualifications: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Agriculture, City & Guilds Level 2 Animal Welfare, NFU recommended Tractor & Trailer Course and a Front-End Loader Course.

He has a lot of experience in Tractor & Telehandler work including Ploughing, Harrowing, Discing, Spreading and Pallet Loading.

He describes himself as enthusiastic, friendly, sociable, conscientious and loyal. He works well whether alone or as part of a team.





Ref: A15
Location: Warwickshire B94
Position: Pig Stockperson

This candidate is looking to work in the Warwickshire area (commutable from B94) as a Pig Stockperson.

An accomplished rider she has worked with Horses as a Groom for most of her working life, but now that she has just finished her BSc in Animal Science where an extensive amount of time was spent studying pigs, she now finds she has a passion to carry on working in the Pig Industry.

She has worked on Mixed Farms working with Livestock and Machinery for the past 6 years whilst completing her education.

She is experienced in working with Beef Cattle, Horses and Sheep and has a Full Driving Licence, HGV Licence (driving Gritting Lorries last Winter), Trailer Licence, Telehandler Licence and is DBS checked.

She considers herself to work well as part of a team or as a Team Leader






Ref: A16
Location: Most areas considered
Position: Indoor Farrowing
Experience: 21 years pigs

This candidate has spent the last 21 years working with Pigs. He started as a Trainee Pig Stockman he has worked with both Outdoor and Indoor Pigs and has now progressed to Unit Manager.

Ideally he would like to work on an Indoor unit in the Lincolnshire area but other areas consdiered - Housing would be required.  

He has attained - National Certificate in Agriculture, Advanced National Certificate in Animal Husbandry, Proficiency(Craftsman) Pig Stockmanship. He is used to Driving and handling Tractors and holds a Teleporter Certificate

He describes himself as Hard-working, Diligent with Attention to Detail. He specialises in Farrowing and he prides himself on always having been able to achieve greater productivity in the unit he was working on.




Ref: A17
Location: North Yorkshire
Position: Pig Stockperson
Experience: 2 years

Our candidate is looking to work as a Pig Stockperson in the North Yorkshire area. 

He has two years of experience since school working with Flat Decks & Growers and is looking to progress in the Pig Industry.

He describes himself as hard-working, young , honest and reliable - Would require accommodation.  

Pig Stockperson A1

Ref: Pig Stockperson A1
Location: Anywhere in Uk
Experience: 8 years

Our applicant is looking to work with Dry Sows on an Indoor Farm anywhere in the UK.

Has 8 years experience of working with Pigs primarily as a Veterinary Technician covering Insemination, Farrowing, Breeding, and Fattening.

He is Single has a Full Driving Licence and his own car.

He describes himself as Hard-working, Honest and and Conscientious 


Pig Stockperson A2

Ref: Pig Stockperson A2
Location: SG20
Experience: 18 months

This candidate is looking to develop a career as a Pig Stockman within Essex - Housing not reqruied.  

He has 18 months experience of pig husbandry, working with sows which were served both naturally and A.I.. Plus Farrowing, Weaning and Slaughter.

He has gained a Level 2 BTEC in Agriculture an holds a City & Guilds MO1 Tractor Proficiency Certificate.  

He is Married with a Full Driving Licence

Pig Stockperson A3

Ref: Pig Stockperson A3
Location: Southend on Sea

This applicant is ideally looking to commute or will consider relocating within the Essex area from Southend-on-Sea as a Pig Stockperson

She holds Level 2 Diplomas in both Agriculture and Work-Based Animal Care 

She has 4 years of experience in working with Livestock, is trained in Dairy A.I. and can drive a tractor 

She considers herself to be a Hard-Working, Dedicated Individual who likes to get Stuck-In

Pig Stockperson A5

Ref: Pig Stockperson A5
Location: WV16 4QN
Experience: 6 Years

Our candidate is looking to work as a either an Indoor or Outdoor Pig Stockperson in the WV16 area

He has 6 years experience of working with Pigs in every Department (including the Office) from Farrowing through A.I. to Finishers with both Boars and Sows on small and large scale farms. 

He is not married but has a partner.

He holds a Full, Clean Driving Licence, owns his own car and is fully conversant with all types of Farm Machinery e.g Tractors, Telehandlers and Forklifts.


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