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Meet the Team – Clive Searson – Area Manager

Roadhogs' Clive Searson

For over 40 years, Clive Searson has dedicated his professional life to working with pigs.

As an expert in the field, Clive works alongside existing unit teams to highlight possible staffing issues and help promote better working practices on the farm. Not merely content with consulting, he also likes to get his hands dirty and assists in all aspects of pig farming.

His ultimate goal is to develop working practices to maximise the unit’s efficiency.

His limits are endless, and he is happy to chat about all opportunities without obligation.

We chatted with Clive about his life’s work in pig farming and got some tips for those entering the industry.

1. You’ve been in the UK pig industry for over 40 years; why have you stayed around so long? What’s so special about UK pig farming?

Coming from a farming family, I was headed to the cattle and sheep sector, but I was hooked after my first pig farming job. The speed of improvement and performance-related aspects of the job appealed to my competitive nature. The industry has evolved so much that anyone who stands still gets left behind, and that’s not an option I’ve ever considered. 

2. What advice would you give to a) newbies getting into the industry and b) those in agriculture who haven’t tried pig farming yet if they wanted to get into it?

The satisfaction in the pig industry comes from buying into what you are doing. If you treat it as just a job, that is all it will ever be. This industry needs driven, self-motivated people who need job satisfaction, not just a pay packet. If you don’t want to feel a buzz from a job, other jobs are available. 

3. What kind of attributes do producers & farm owners look for in a candidate?

Attitude and reliability are so important in this industry. Pig husbandry can be learned if you are open to understanding and learning from those around you. 

4. Say, for instance, that I’m a farm worker. I’ve got some experience in livestock, but I’m bored, but relatively happy and comfortable. What are the benefits of getting into pig farming?

In my opinion, pig farming is more extreme and faster moving than many other farming sectors. 25/30 pigs/sows compared to, say, 1 or 2 lambs. It’s disciplined, organised and full-on, and that’s why I love it. 

5. Finally, describe your ideal Sunday.

Wake up in a field full of like-minded people and have a long leisurely breakfast with good friends as we relive last night’s band, the dancing and laughter and head to do it all over again. 

Go on, give him a call. Clive loves a chat, and there’s nothing he doesn’t know about pig farming. He can be reached on 07950 448368. 

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