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Why Become a Roadhogs Relief Pig Specialist?

Who are Roadhogs?

Established in 1990, Roadhogs is the only recruitment agency and employer in the UK specialising in the pig industry.


Who can apply and what are we looking for?

We are looking for people with pig experience but also with a passion and commitment to the pig industry.
Ideally, you will have 2 – 3+ years’ experience in general pig husbandry, and we welcome expertise in particular departments.

If you have been out of the Pig Industry for some years, you can use the position as a stepping stone to get back into it and to sharpen up your skills.
In some circumstances, we can find positions for those just starting out, after finishing college or University.

You need to be able to turn up to a unit and hit the ground running, be able to ask the right questions to get you going nice and quickly.


What can the job offer you?


  • A way back into the industry if you have been out for a while
  • An excellent way to meet a great variety of producers and pig industry people
  • Each unit you are assigned to provides a first-rate opportunity for learning new skills and production methods – as they are all different
  • With the variety of different people you can meet, this can improve your communication skills which in turn will help with career development
  • Experience many different approaches to man management enabling you to continually improve your skills
  • Gives you the opportunity to see and explore many different parts of the UK


What is the job?

Joining our Relief Team means that you will be employed by us, on a full-time, permanent basis.


  • You will be sent on various assignments over the UK to fill-in on pig units (and sometimes further afield)
  • The work is continuous – as one job finishes, another one will start
  • The assignments are a minimum of 1 week but in most cases are generally longer
  • The jobs can take you all over the UK, so you need to be prepared to travel and be away from home
  • You will definitely need a driving licence!


Once you are on your pig assignment, you are under the direction and control of the client, but we are on hand if you need assistance.

Some staff stay for many years, some use it to gain experience in other departments while some complete just one assignment to bridge a gap between employment – it’s up to you.
In a number of cases you can be sent on a relief cover assignment with a view to a permanent appointment with the farm. This gives you a really good opportunity to make sure the job is the right one for you.

Many of our staff have progressed to being offered employment by the farm they are providing relief cover for. In these cases, if the job is right for you, we would be happy for you to accept.
This is a great way for both you and the producer to see if you are right for each other before making the final commitment.

How much does it pay?

We offer very competitive rates based on your experience, along with daily subsistence if you are having to self-cater. We also pay travel expenses and if you are not local, offer free accommodation.

We offer you the Work Place Pension, sick pay and all employees are paid fortnightly directly into their bank account.

Contact Us for More Info

If you would like to talk to someone who has actually done the job, you can talk to Clive Searson, who has travelled to 70 different pig units covering 13 counties!!
Get in touch with Roadhogs today!


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