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Pig Farming Entry Level Scheme


The Pig Farming Entry Level Scheme will offer hands-on pig farm experience with the potential to lead to a great career within the company for the right candidates.

This company has a number of units, so they are able to offer that career progression.


This leading pig production company in Lincolnshire is Red Tractor and IPPC accredited.

Applicants can gain knowledge across modern pig farms, ranging from a 400-sow, single-site, 5-week batch system producing bacon to 1400 sow, multi-site, weekly producing system.

Producing pigs in high health, closed herd pyramid systems.

  • 9 breeding farms and a further 7 finishing sites in Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire
  • The nucleus herd at Highfield produces breeding stock for all other farms
  • 3,500 pigs produced per week

Mill feed for pigs

  • 1,400 tonnes per week on average, mainly for own use
  • 2 lorries haul feed to pig farms and raw materials into the Mill

Farms 4,400 Ha of arable land

  • Growing potatoes and vining peas and sugar beet for human consumption
  • Growing cereals for the Mill
  • Spanning Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire

The  Course

  • Some veterinary medicine sessions
  • Nutritional training session
  • Collaborative industry trials
  • Working on a 400-sow, muti-site, weekly producing system
  • Training to use automated technology from Gestal, Skov, Dicam, ESf’s + Air source boilers
  • AI – semen storage & analysis; sow feeding patterns during gestation, gilt development & integration; specifics of gilt feeding during gestation
  • Farrowing – preparation for farrowing; farrowing itself, how to maximise milk production; piglet interventions; how to get the best weaner; how to prep the sow for service
  • Weaners – how to get the best transition to post-weaned life
  • Growers/finishers – how to maximise production through the growing period; what is important to produce a good, finished pig
  • Welfare topic – Five Freedoms, natural habitat and instincts, recognising pain, behaviours, euthanasia
  • Learning about Slurry Acidification, giving a better environment to pigs and people
  • Experiencing a mixture of fully-slatted and straw-based pig farming
  • Learning about dry and liquid feed
  • Mill feed production

Along with

Developing Effective Apprentices 3-day course

Covering Working effectively in a Team – Developing Communication – Working Efficiently.

The workshop is delivered in an interactive style providing participants with the opportunity to discuss their experiences in teams enabling them to raise concerns and ideas to develop problem-solving skills.

The Offer

  • There is some flexibility on these rates – But a guide is up to £9.84 (depending on age) for the first 39 hours/week  + OT Approx. 24/36 hours within a 4-week period
  • After 3 months, candidates can enrol in the Company pension
  • Discounted meat hamper
  • 26 holidays per year
  • Shared Accommodation – You get your own bedroom but share the other rooms in the house  – monthly rent of £100
  • Biosecurity is key to the business, so showering facilities on site are well maintained and workwear provided
  • Fast track to supervisory management positions available to successful candidates

To discuss the training scheme and to find out more, please email [email protected] or call 07912864646.

Submit your Application

Please fill out all the sections below as thoroughly as you can and review to make sure that you are happy before submitting.

Sell yourself!  Tell us why you are interested in this opportunity – What qualities do you have to offer?  What ambitions do you have?

(Regarding General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), please read our Privacy Policy regarding your personal data).

At this time, we can only accept applications from UK or EU nationals with the right to work in the UK.

If you are a foreign national with the right to work in the UK, we will require evidence to process your application.

If you are a foreign national who needs a Visa to work in the UK, we may be able to direct your application to producers who can provide Sponsorship.

    Contact Details

    Upload your CV(PDF, DOCX or DOC - Max. file size 8mb)

    Personal Details

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    Current Employer

    Please list your employment details, starting with present employment then your two previous jobs in date order, most recent first. Include all relevant information I.e. farm size, nature of employment, number of staff, etc. Be as comprehensive as possible and state all duties performed (unit manager is not enough!)

    Second most recent employer

    Third most recent employer

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    Work Summary


    Please name two referees who we can contact for a character reference, one of which should be and employer. Please note that references will not be taken up until a job offer has been secured.

    Referee (Employer)

    Referee (Other)

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