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Roadhogs Recruitment Celebrates 30 Years in the British Pig Industry

At Roadhogs Recruitment, we have been assisting British and international pig farmers with recruiting staff since 1990.
This month, we celebrate thirty years in the industry!

The only recruiter in the UK to specialise solely in pig enterprises, we have been sourcing Permanent Staff of all abilities and temporary Relief Cover to producers and secured numerous careers for our applicants.

So, where did it all begin? 

Roadhogs was founded by the late, and great, Jon Roads. If you’ve been around long enough, you would have had the pleasure of working with or meeting the extraordinary man. He started his career working in the allied sector and running his own pig units. This led to him being involved with LKL Services who are ‘Britain’s premier supplier of relief and contract personnel to the agricultural sector’. Although targeting the dairy industry, Jon saw a gap in the pig market and founded Roadhogs as a result. 

Clive Searson

All was not glitz and glamour, however, and Jon began recruiting from his bedroom (the office used to be in a cardboard box under a desk!) A friend of Jon’s would take the calls for him to help him out and three months later, Clive Searson was snapped up thanks to his expertise in the pig industry.

Instead of taking on a ‘dream job’ in Dorset, Clive joined Roadhogs and has never looked back. He continues to be Roadhogs’ chief pig specialist working across East Anglia and beyond troubleshooting, advising producers on how best to retain and attract quality staff and how to run a tip-top unit. 

The early days of Roadhogs were exciting, as Clive recalls, “Jon asked me to go to a job in Norfolk. All I knew was the start date and an idea it was Norfolk. I started to make my way the day before from Stafford to Norfolk. Slightly concerned that I still didn’t know where I was meant to be going, I stopped off at a service station to call Jon. I got the answering machine, with the usual message – ‘You have reached Jon Roads and Roadhogs, so please leave a message, and if you are Clive Searson, please turn around as you are now going to Somerset!!’.”

Image credit Clive Searson

Funny stories aside, Roadhogs have progressed since the early days, notably when Liz Barker joined in 2006. With a sharp mind and top people-skills, Liz was tasked with looking after the accounts. Not long into the job, Jon saw potential, and Liz began to get more involved with the recruitment side of things. Progressing with the business and getting to know all the producers and countless pig stockmen and women, Liz became Jon’s right-hand-woman. 

Liz Barker

Sadly, Jon passed away quite suddenly in 2017, and Liz took over the business. With the industry and Jon’s nearest and dearest shocked and hugely saddened, it was up to Liz to keep Jon’s legacy alive and keep Roadhogs moving. 

Roadhogs Recruitment celebrates its 30th Anniversary in September 2020. Over the years, our team has experienced all sorts of ups and downs but remain confident that the British Pig Industry will continue to grow and attract young to new talent.

Liz explains. “Over the years, we feel we have developed a unique service. We’ve been building strong relationships with producers and applicants, creating a personal and caring service.

We are passionate about the Pig Industry, and we strive to help and support the industry as best we can. Judging and assessing individual skills to best match requirements on both sides.

We’ve also been encouraging and promoting young farmers and graduates, helping them to get their foot on the ladder. 

As I have seen over the years, choosing to join the pig industry can be very rewarding, leading to long and fulfilling careers.”

Photo Credit Sergiu Turlea

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