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*Special Agent* Clive Searson

Clive Searson

Our pig specialist, Clive Searson, has spent almost forty years and dedicated his entire professional life to working with pigs.

Photo Credit: Clive Searson

As an expert in the field, Clive works alongside existing unit teams to highlight possible staffing issues and help promote better working practices on the farm. Not merely content with just consulting, he also likes to get his hand dirty and assists in all aspects of pig farming.

Photo Credit: Clive Searson

Clive can be called upon to help with one-off or ongoing projects and can assist with planning, breeding programmes, staffing issues as well as covering one-off labour peaks including mass vaccinations, serving days etc.

His ultimate goal is to develop working practises to maximise the efficiency of the unit. His limits are quite endless and he is happy to chat over all opportunities with no obligation.

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