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Have you thought about a career with Roadhogs?

Outdoor British Pigs

As part of our business, we employ stock people of various abilities to work on pig units and provide cover on pig farms. These opportunities are full-time permanent positions.

We have several avenues to offer:

1)            Providing Temporary cover for which you would need a certain level of pig experience, have the ability to move around the country and move from job to job.

2)            Relief to permanent positions – We do have clients who will consider applicants for a trial period via us to start with. 

If the trial period (Approx. 3 months) goes well for both sides, they will make you a job offer, and if accepted to you, you would then be employed directly with them. If any reason a position isn’t available, we work with you to find the right position.

In the process, you would have gained valuable experience.

It really depends on what you are looking for as we/work can be very flexible.


As a Roadhogs employee, you would be offered a competitive hourly rate, weekend rate, travel to the appointment, and daily travel allowance and daily subsistence – along with FREE accommodation – This would most likely be a mobile home accommodation (No Bills).

You would be offered an employment contract with us and we would sort out all your PAYE. We do not take any percentage of your wages, what you earn is yours!

You will be paid once a fortnight – and paid directly into your bank account via BACS.


We can open the doors into the Pig Industry for you.

This could be an excellent opportunity for you to begin a rewarding career within Pig Production. 

You would get to experience different management systems and meet all sorts of people – it is a very varied, challenging, exciting career.

You would need to be a person that can hit the ground running, not be afraid to ask questions and be happy to be away from home.

Jobs can take you anywhere in the UK.

Jobs can take you both Indoor and Outdoor – from 200 sow units to 3000 sow units – from the basic tasks like pressure washing through to the more skilled areas of pig husbandry. But we will gear the rights jobs to your skill base.

Jobs are a minimum of a week but generally run for longer – when one job finishes, we will then assign you the next job.


If you are looking at staying with us and moving from farm to farm, we are very flexible about how long you stay with us – some make this their full-time career – some stay for one job, and some use it as a gap between permanent jobs. We don’t mind. We ask you to complete each assignment.

As with point 2 Joining the team is also a very good way of finding the right permanent job – a number of our team are offered jobs by the farmers they are working with.

If you would like to know more, speak to us or apply, please follow this link!

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