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At Roadhogs Recruitment, we have specialised in sourcing staff for pig farms since 1990. But did you know we are not just about jobs for farmers all over the UK and beyond? We are an employer, too, passionate about the Pig Industry and the development of future talent. We are also the only licenced recruitment agency specialising in the Pig Industry, so you’ll know that you can rely on us. 

Who We Can Help

Are you starting university in 2024? Are you looking for farm work to fill the time before you go? Why not gain some hands-on experience during the holidays? At Roadhogs, it’s possible!

Are you a foreign national? Are you based in the UK with the right to work? If you want to work in pig farming, Roadhogs can help.

Have you been in pig farming for a while? Are you looking for the next challenge? It may be time to gain new experience to set you up for more responsibility or a promotion. Roadhogs can open doors all over the UK and beyond. 

Have you just finished college/university? Are you looking for your first job in pig farming? Roadhogs can make introductions to producers. 

If the sound of working for Roadhogs excites you, this is what we can offer:

Why not join the Roadhogs Relief Team?

Here’s what we can offer you:

  •          No fee for applicants
  •          Permanent employment
  •          Flexible employment
  •          Very competitive rates of pay
  •          Free accommodation
  •          Food expenses
  •          Travel expenses
  •          All money is yours. We take no %
  •          28 days paid holiday
  •          Workplace pension (after a qualifying period)
  •          Gateway to further experience in the industry
  •          Can open the door to new entrants

For further details, please call Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd on Freephone at 0800 999 3655 or 07912864646 or email¬†[email protected].

All applications are dealt with in strict confidence, and our applicant service is free.

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