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Roadhogs Recruitment

Pig Stockperson Placement - Ref May 6

General Information

Position Required
Pig Stockperson Placement 


May 6

Driving Licence

Farm worker & agri student

Expected Salary


Our candidate is looking for a pig unit placement as part of their Agriculture and Animal Science course. They are available from the summer of 2024 and are looking for an official work experience opportunity from September to the last nine months. 

This individual considers themselves a dedicated, hardworking, and determined agriculture and animal science undergraduate with 15 years + of animal husbandry experience gained through working on a home smallholding. They are focused on continuing their professional development with further practical on-farm experience.

Successful in academic studies alongside being a competent, practical worker. An adaptable team player who supports colleagues and is confident in taking on leadership roles.

Having grown up on a small holding, this candidate has nurtured a deep interest in agriculture, particularly in enhancing the sustainability and welfare of livestock. They are eager to apply their diverse skills and immediately contribute to the farm's operations in a positive way.

The can commute from S61 or happy to relocate with accommodation.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel
Can commute from S61

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