Roadhogs Recruitment

Junior Pig Stockperson - Ref Mar3

General Information

Position Required
Junior Pig Stockperson

Yorkshire (YO12)


Driving Licence

4+ Farm Worker

Expected Salary


Our candidate grew up on his 300-acre family farm which included cows, sheep and arable.
With harvest and farm work experience, this individual has also worked with sheep, cattle and pigs.

Having worked on a 2000-place fattening unit their tasks included feeding, bedding, injecting and generally looking after the welfare of the pigs.
Our candidate has also been operating tractors and telehandlers for several years, including ploughing, sub soiling, moving bales, turning grass, rowing up grass, leading corn and silage and plenty of general farm work with a telehandler.
Our applicant “loves farming and being outdoors” and sees it as a way of life, and not just a job.
They are now ready to fully move into the pig industry and would thrive in a Junior Pig Stockperson role.

While they get their driving licence, they can be dropped off and picked up from YO12.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel
Commute from YO12