Roadhogs Recruitment

Junior Pig Stockperson - Oct3

General Information

Position Required
Junior Pig Stockperson

Scotland or N. England


Driving Licence

4+ years goat & cattle

Expected Salary


Our candidate is looking to enter the pig industry on a full-time basis.

They have four years’ experience working in goat and cattle farming and have a great understanding of animal husbandry and farming machinery. They have high welfare standards and a degree in Applied Animal Science with a final dissertation on teat suckling of piglets.

Very passionate about agriculture, their livestock career began as a herdsperson, working across all aspects of animal husbandry, welfare and farm maintenance. In 2018 they moved to Canada to become a Goat Herd Manager.  Alongside the everyday management tasks, they have also utilised their degree to help decrease animal mortality, improved nursery hygiene and helped to eradicate CAE from the herd, through careful management.

Highly intelligent, practical and hardworking, this candidate is looking for a new opportunity in the pig industry.

They would ideally like to be based in Scotland, or in or around Perthshire or Northern England with accommodation.

Would suit a Junior Pig Stockperson role on a farm that offers career development because they are likely to progress quickly.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel