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Roadhogs Recruitment

Entry-Level Pig Stockperson - Ref Mar 6

General Information

Position Required
Entry-Level Pig Stockperson


Mar 6

Driving Licence

Forest Ranger

Expected Salary


Our candidate is looking to enter the Pig Industry.

They consider themselves a hardworking and reliable individual who is enthusiastic about work, very understanding and willing to take on new roles. Very efficient, organised, and precise in all aspects of work undertaken. They gained a broad knowledge of ecology, forestry, and conservation practices at university. Having done half of their degree at Harper Adams University, they have knowledge of farming practices. Being a Forest Ranger, they have obtained vast experience in all aspects of ground maintenance, including plenty of experience using Tractors, Trailers, Loading Forks, and PTO equipment such as Chippers, Vortex Blower, and Brush. Alongside their NPTC Tractor ticket, they also have their NPTC Teleporter ticket with plenty of experience using attachments, such as Forks, Timber Grab, Bucket, and Trailer Hitch.

This candidate shows strong potential and is keen to learn commercial pig farming.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel
Can commute from NR20

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