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Roadhogs Recruitment

Entry-Level Pig Stockperson - Ref Jul 9

General Information

Position Required
Entry-Level Pig Stockperson


Jul 9

Driving Licence

Outdoor instructor

Expected Salary


Our candidate is looking to enter the pig industry.

Although they have no previous experience working within the agriculture industry, they are very driven to learn and care for animals. They pride themselves on their ability and willingness to learn quickly and on the job. They are not afraid to ask questions and will always strive to do what is best.

They understand the complexity of what is required on a farm and are eager to learn much about the importance of agriculture and the role of the farmers within their industry. From a young age, they wanted to become a vet and have grown up with a heavily influenced agricultural background. Their father has worked on many different farms over the years with cattle for both beef and dairy, as a shepherd and with pigs. They have also been a member of Young Farmers.

They have worked as an outdoor instructor for almost 10 years and enjoy working outdoors in all weather. They are used to long days and long weeks and working weekends. They understand where our food comes from and that the pigs are ultimately raised for slaughter. Given training and time to see how to inject pigs, how to help them give birth, and how to help them whenever they need it, they are convinced that they will be able to rise to the challenge and make their lives as comfortable as possible.

This individual considers themselves friendly, hardworking and eager to learn. They have a desire to learn as much as possible and thrive on the challenges faced in starting a new job.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel
Can commute from CA9


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