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Roadhogs Recruitment

Entry-Level Pig Stockperson - Ref Jul 4

General Information

Position Required
Entry-Level Pig Stockperson

North Yorkshire

Jul 4

Driving Licence


Expected Salary


Our candidate is looking to enter the pig industry.

This individual will soon leave the Royal Navy and spent six years as a Leading Hand Above Water Tactical Warfare Specialist. They have always loved the countryside. They have been volunteering at RSPCA two days a week, working with many animals and pigs, and want to work with larger animals. They also volunteer on a pig farm, so they have been very proactive in gaining some on-farm experience.

They consider themselves passionate about leading and developing teams, applying their skills in communication, persuasion, and negotiation to collaborate with diverse colleagues. They are a hard-working individual with a positive attitude towards learning and developing. They always look for opportunities to leverage their competencies in challenging and rewarding environments, contributing to the success and growth of the organisation.

They will leave the Navy on 6th Nov 2024.


Housing Required

Willing to Travel
Can commute from DL10

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